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  • Day Tours – Israel Day Tours

    Genesis Boutique Travel- Read more about Israel traveling

Top Tours Israel

  •  Student Tour for Christians

    Student Tour for Christians

  •  One Day Tour to Petra

    One Day Tour to Petra

  •  Old City Half Day Walking Tours

    Old City Half Day Walking Tours

  •  Christian Oriented Private Tour

    Christian Oriented Private Tour

  •  New Jerusalem Day Tour

    New Jerusalem Day Tour

  •  Golan Heights and Sefad

    Golan Heights and Sefad

  •  A Pastors Fam Tour

    A Pastors Fam Tour

  •  Israel-Jordan-Egypt Tour 10 days

    Israel-Jordan-Egypt Tour 10 days

Genesis Boutique Travel- Read more about Israel traveling

Israeli Tour Guides

Holy Land Tour

We offer a wide range of holy land tours of Israel. when traveling to israel It can be a private tour or a group tour.  A Pilgrim Tour or a Classical Christian Tour or any one of our holy land tour, come and discover the beauty of Israel with israeli tour guides. traveling to israel is filled with biblical history, archaeology, religion and many wonders.
Our holy land tour is packed with sacred Christian tour spots. Serving as the birthplace of Christianity, our holy land tour has numerous ancient Christian attractions such as churches, sacred places and history related places. Beginning our tour on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, baptism in the Jordan River, pray at the walls of the original temple in Jerusalem or at the Holy Sepulcher. Following the path of Jesus will indeed make a Christian tour of Israel a trip of a lifetime. Going on our holy land tours is one of the best choices to discover these sacred places and visit them.
We make sure to bring the bible alive on this tour to all of our clients.
Joining our holy land tours is the best way to ensure that your family gets to learn and experience the best of Israel and the bible.

Israel tour with israeli tour guides is a fascinating experience that we are sure you will not forget, our Israel tour is a tour that we recommend to anyone to experience at least once in life time

Israeli Tour Guides – Tours to Israel

The 3 Major Religions:

By going on one of our tours of Israel visitors will get exposed to the 3 major western religions: Jewish, Christian and the Islam.

Traveling to israel – For the Jews

traveling to israel For the Jews is the Promised Land and the holy land. Abraham who arrived to Israel at around 1800 B.C. established the Jewish religion and since then it developed as described in the bible. Jews were extradited from Israel by the Romans in the first and second centuries. But throughout the ages they always wished to return to Israel. Some groups succeeded to do so but the massive immigration back to Israel occurred in 1882 and onwards.
Israel is the place where Jesus was born and active. In fact, Christianity was born and developed in Israel and until today believers from all over the world come to see the holy sites related to the activities of Jesus and his disciples.

Traveling to israel – For the Muslims

Traveling to Israel For the Muslims Jerusalem is the second holiest place in the world after Mecca and Medina.
Israel was conquered by the Muslims in the year 639 A.D. and immediately they begun to build the Dome of the Rock and the Mosque of Al Aqsa. These two sites were visited by Mohammed.
Due to the above Israel became an important place for the Muslims and today 20% of the population of Israel are Arabs citizens.
Take a look at what our tours of Israel packages can offer you and take the first step towards a trip of a lifetime.

The 3 Climate Zones:
Genesis Boutique Travel offers tours to Israel with israeli tour guides to tourists to experience the extreme differences between at least 3 climate zones. Situated in the middle of the Syrian-African Rift, the longest rift on earth starting in Africa and ending in Syria. The country has high mountains in the north of the Galillee and in the Golan Heights with their peak covered with snow – Mt. Hermon. Going south the tour to Israel will take you to the planes of the moderate Sharon Valley and the Mediterranean Sea. Further south the desert of the Negev and in the eastern part of the country the driest wilderness of Judea and the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on earth 1300 feet below sea level. Also the Dead Sea is the saltiest lake on earth – 30% salt which forces the visitor to float on water. It is common to see people lay on the water and read the paper without sinking.

Multiple Cultures of Israel:
Israel tour will expose the visitor to multi- range of cultures that exist in the world and all living in Israel. Being a land of immigrants the Israeli civilization is composed of immigrants that came to the country from about 100 different countries. The tours to Israel will expose the visitor to people who arrived from different countries in Europe including Eastern and Western Europe such as: Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania etc. As well as France, Italy, England and Germany.
The immigrants from Russia contributed about 15% (one million) of the Israeli population today. We also have immigrants from Ethiopia, India and some countries from the Far East. A substantial number of immigrants arrived from the Middle East following the war of Independence that caused them to move from Arab countries to Israel. We have Jews from Morocco (about half a million), Iraq, Iran, Syria and Egypt.

israel tour guide:

Going on Genesis Boutique Travel Israel tours is the best way to show visitors the fact that there is no characteristic Jew. In the country you can see Caucasians Jews arrived from the US, England and Europe. Darker Jews arriving from Yemen and the Middle Eastern countries, as well as Black Jews arriving to Israel from Ethiopia.  It is important to mention that today around 40% of the Jews in the country were born to mix marriages.
Due to the above the tour to Israel will expose the visitor to many culinary tastes. Israeli tour guides will show you many different types of restaurants such as French, Italian, Japanese, Arab and local cuisines. In fact you can find in Israel almost any type of kitchen. This did not prevent developing a local Israeli food like the Humus and the Falafel which is the basic food in the country.
Israel also offers a wide range of vineyards and wineries and unique shops for local cheeses.

By going on our Israel tour visitors will get to meet the different cultures which make up the state of Israel. We have one of the most prestigious Orchestra – The Israeli Philharmonic conducted by Maestro Zubin Meta.
You can find different night clubs from Greek music to the modern night clubs of Tel Aviv.
The tours to Israel will expose the visitor to the different type of dances. The Israel ballet company performs most traditional ballets when other groups perform modern dances and many more groups who perform at Ethnic dances with their traditional customs.

Travel Israel

At Genesis Boutique Travel we cater for everyone including kids! Travel Israel with endless possibilities to excite and captivate your kids. We can include possible activities such as: rafting, kayaking, paintballing, zip lining, jeeping, quad biking and many more…
Travel Israel with a variety of these fun activities as well as educational sites with the perfect guide and create a very special and memorable trip for your whole family!
We believe that your visit Israel should be a special and unique experience. Your travel Israel is very important to us we will do our best to fulfill our requirements.
Look at our sample itineraries and feel free to make one of your own or contact us to help you plan your tour. We can put together any type of tour – 1 day, 5 day or 10 day tours of Israel and Jordan. Travel Israel today and contact us for further information.

Traveling to Israel

At Genesis Boutique Travel we specialize in organizing tailor made Israel travel for individuals and groups all over Israel and Jordan. Our tours range from fun and educational family tours to luxurious VIP Tours. We also offer religious group tours including those for Christians from all over the world (pilgrimage and mission groups) and Jewish heritage groups. At Genesis Boutique Travel we always focus on fulfilling our client’s special requests and creating an unforgettable experience Israel travel.

Traveling to Israel is not a normal routine trip, this is a cross-cultural event which manages to combine Jewish culture, Christian and Islamic simultaneously.

If you are looking to Israel Tour guide that will make your trip an unforgettable experience, you came to the right place – we genesis boutique travel choose Carefully our Israel Tour guide

Our Israel tour guide gives you an extraordinary experience, training includes an informative and enjoyable on each site you visit israel. Our guided tours Israel give you an exciting and unusual Experience.

Genesis Boutique Travel knows how to incorporate unique and fascinating activities into their Israel travel for example: culinary activities, adventure tours, cultural exhibitions and nature tours.
Contact Genesis Boutique Travel today and tell us how you want to tour Israel!

Our Israel Travel will take you along the cobblestone streets in Jerusalem, visit Israel in the childhood city of Jesus in Nazareth and climb to the summit of Mount Carmel on a guided tour of Israel.
Israel is visited annually by tour groups from around the world mainly by Jews and Arabs. Let us take you on tour Israel with us and let the bible come alive!

Tours in Israel

Many companies and hotels offer very similar itineraries and tour programs but when it comes down to it, the person who helps you “see” the country is your guide. If that person cannot communicate or explain the country, its excitement, the complex politics, the different peoples, the archaeology and the history, then you are missing out.
We offer a wide selection of tours in Israel.
We also appreciate that most groups have a diverse range of interests and we take special care to ensure that your tours in Israel and itinerary will cater for everyone from 7 to 75 if needs be.  We can prepare a detailed custom itinerary for your special visit Israel or you might want to have a look through some of our recommended tour Israel itineraries.  To read a little about what previous guests have had to say about our tours and tour guides please have a look at some of our recommendations or look us up on trip advisor.  Either way I hope you will not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about tours in Israel.
Our tours in Israel offer:
Our general tours are excursions all over Israel that take in both Jewish and Christian sites.

Jewish oriented tours Itineraries that take in sites predominantly connected to Judaism or
Christian oriented tours cover connected to Christian sites.
Bar Mitzvah / Family tours we can help you plan the perfect event and celebration here in Israel and assist with private touring
We also offer 1 or 2 days excursions to Petra.
Check out our group tours of Israel. Look up our various group tours and sign up online.