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General Classical Private Tour

Go on General Classical Private Tour action packed with history and insights

Tour Info +
Day 1


We begin our day with a spectacular view of the 4000-year old city of Jerusalem from Mount of Olives. Thereafter, continue to the Church of All Nations and Rock of the Agony; enter the Old City via the Dung Gate, see the holiest site in Jerusalem – the Western (Wailing) Wall. View the Temple Mount to view the third holiest shrine of Islam the golden Dome of the Rock from where Mohammed ascended to heaven, and the Al Aksa Mosque. Visit Room of Last Supper and King David’s Tomb. Follow Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrows), tracing footsteps of Jesus after he was condemned to death and taken for execution, we reaching the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where many Christians believe Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected; Exit via the colorful Arab market. Overnight Jerusalem.

Day 2

Bethlehem + Modern Jerusalem:

Visit Bethlehem in the morning visiting the Church of the Nativity.

Visit Yad Vashem – holocaust memorial. Visit the Israel Museum.

Drive by the Knesset Israel’s Parliament and the Supreme Court.

Visit the famous market of Jerusalem “Mahne Yehuda”.

End the day with a visit to Ein Kerem visiting the Church of the Visitation and John the Baptist.

Overnight Jerusalem.

Day 3

Masada/Dead Sea:

Leave morning to Masada. On the way to Masada visit Qumran where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. Visit the oasis of Ein Gedi and Nachal David. On to Masada which is the last Jewish stronghold during the first revolt, that caused at the year 70 A.D, the destruction of the Temple. Masada fell 3 years after the destruction of the Temple. Visit the fortress built 1300 feet above the nearby Dead Sea. Visit the ruins of King Herod’s palaces and the remnants of the Jewish rebels and the Roman Army. Float in the Dead Sea. Possible to visit Jericho.

Overnight Jerusalem.

Day 4

Golan Heights and Sefad:

Visit the Kabalah city of Sefad. Drive to the Golan Heights via Rosh Pina and the Hula Valley to Tel Dan and ascend the Heights to the city of Katzrin. Visit Golan Winery. Tour former Syrian bunkers and visit the military outpost of Mt. Bental and a magnificent view into Syria. Visit Druze villages. Visit the Jordan River or possible to raft in the Jordan River and to enjoy a Jeep Tour in the north (there is an extra charge for such an activity).

Overnight north by the Sea of Galilee

Day 5

Tiberias + Sea of Galillee:

Visit Tiberius. Enjoy a cruise on the Sea of Galilee. We will continue to Capernaum where we’ll visit the house of St. Peter, an ancient synagogue and view a stone with the Ark of the Covenant engraved in it. Visit Tabgha and Mt. Beatitude.

Drive to Nazareth. In Nazareth we will visit the boyhood home of Jesus, the Church of the Annunciation and Mary’s well.

End the day in Tel Aviv.

Day 6

Full Day tour of Tel Aviv and area:

In the morning visit the Ayalon Institute. The place was a hidden underground ammunition factory of the “hagana” –the Israeli underground; camouflaged as regular farming kibbutz .The British never uncovered this activity. Tour Tel Aviv, the business and the cultural center of Israel. Continue to famous Dizengoff St., visit Independence Hall where the State of Israel was declared, and visit “Hacarmel” market –the open air shuk for the fresh fruit and vegetable of Tel Aviv. Visit Old Jaffa port that was the most important port at the ancient times. Through this port the cedars from Lebanon were imported in order to build Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Visit the artist colony and the galleries of old Jaffa.