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Jewish Heritage Private Tour

Go on Jewish Heritage Private Tour action packed with history and insights

Tour Info +
Day 1

Old Jerusalem:

We will begin the day at Hass promenade to view the entire city of Jerusalem from the south east. The promenade is located next to the U.N headquarters in the Middle East right on the border line between Israel and Jordan up to 1967 war. We will continue to Mt. Zion visiting King David’s tomb and Room of the Last Supper. Enter the Old City via Zion gate into Jewish quarter. Visit the Cardo, the Roman Byzantine shopping mall, and see the ruins of the Hurba synagogue and if possible also visit Ramban synagogue. These two are among the oldest synagogues in the old city. On to the Burnt House to see the audio visual program on life of the High Priest right before the destruction of the Second Temple. Continue to the Herodian quarter with the ruins of the houses of the High Priests in the area called the “the Upper City” today in the Jewish quarter. Descend the steps to the Western Wall. Visit the Western Wall Tunnels (requires a reservation in advance) which were only recently excavated. View the Temple Mt.

Overnight Jerusalem.

Day 2

Modern Jerusalem:

Visit Yad Vashem – the holocaust memorial. Visit the Israel Museum. Drive by the Knesset – Israel’s Parliament and the Supreme Court. Visit the famous market of Jerusalem “Mahne Yehuda”. Possible to enjoy of a food tasting tour of the market. Visit the orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem “Meah Sharim”.

In the evening enjoy the Sound and Light Show at the Tower of David.

Overnight Jerusalem

Day 3

Old City:

Visit the City of David – an archaeological site including the Hezkiah’s Tunnel (around 3 hours)

On to Via Dolorosa and Holy Sepulcher. End at the colorful Arab market.

In the afternoon visit Herzel’s Museum or Begin Heritage Center.

Overnight Jerusalem.

Day 4

Caesaria, Haifa, Acco:

At Caesarea will visit the ancient Roman Theater, the Crusader City. The port from the first century and the Byzantine aqueduct. Visit Caesarea the seaport built by King Herod. Continue to Haifa. Ascending Mt. Carmel we view the city, harbor, bay, Bahai Temple and Gardens from the Promenade. Visit Akko the Crusader city walk through the underground halls of the Knights Templars (it is possible to visit the old British prison). Overnight north our recommendation is at a kibbutz guest house next to Tiberias.

Day 5

Golan Heights and Sefad:

Visit the Kabalah city of Sefad. The city of Kabbalah (tour of Old City and shopping time in the galleries)

In Sefad we will walk through the alleys of the old city, stopping at the synagogue of the Ari Hakadosh, Rabbi Isaac Luria, mystic and student of the Kabbalah.

Drive to Amuka to visit the grave of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel.

Mt. Meron is the site of the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the Rashbi, a great sage of the second century who is credited with writing the first book on the Kabala and Zohar. Supposedly written during the 13 years he and his son hid from the Romans after the destruction on Lag Baomer, a day of celebration as it was the day that the plague which killed Rabbi Akiva’s students ended. His burial site has become an annual mass pilgrimage site. Drive to the Golan Heights via Rosh Pina and the Hula Valley to Tel Dan and ascend the Heights to the city of Katzrin. Visit Golan Winery. Tour former Syrian bunkers and visit the military outpost of Mt. Bental and a magnificent view into Syria. Visit Druze villages.

Overnight north.

Day 6

Tiberias, Beith Shean and Hamat Gadar:

Drive to Kfar Haruv, to view a fantastic view of Lake Kinnerth. Continue south, via the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilllee, along the borders with Syria and Jordan to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Beith Shean which in the 5th century became the capital of the country. See the amphitheater where gladiator games were played, the restored Roman city and the biggest theatre that exists in the country. *Possibility on this day to skip Kfar Haruv and drive to Hamat Gadar the crockadile farm. Possible to raft in the Jordan River and to enjoy a jeep tour in the north (there is an extra charge for such an activity).

Overnight north.

Day 7

Full Day tour of Tel Aviv and area:

In the morning visit the Ayalon Institute. The place was a hidden underground ammunition factory of the “hagana” –the Israeli underground; camouflaged as regular farming kibbutz .The British never uncovered this activity. Tour Tel Aviv, the business and the cultural center of Israel. Continue to famous Dizengoff St., visit Independence Hall where the State of Israel was declared. Visit “Hacarmel” market –the open air shuk for the fresh fruit and vegetable of Tel Aviv. Drive by Rabin Square. Visit Old Jaffa port that was the most important port at the ancient times

Day 8

Elah Valley:

Elah Valley this is the area where David fought Goliath.

Possible to participate in a 3 hours archaeological dig with Archaeological seminars at Beith Guvrin.

Visit Latrun the armored museum where tanks of Israel are exhibited from previous wars.

Visit the Stalactite caves.

Possible to visit a winery in the area.

Return to Tel Aviv