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Jewish Routes – Holy Land Tour -2018

Join our Jewish Routes Holy Land Tour for an outstanding Jewish experience.

14 Days/13 Nights on Land

4 stars


This itinerary is subject to minor changes. A final itinerary will be provided no later than 2 months before departure. Alternative hotels of similar or better class may be substituted. Final hotel arrangements will be posted no later than 4 months before departure.

Tour Info +
Day 1
  • Afternoon arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel
  • VIP Airport Service and Baggage Handlers
  • Check-in to our hotel
  • Welcome “Home” Dinner
  • Overnight: Dan Panorama Tel Aviv
Day 2
  • Morning 2-hour walking tour of Tel Aviv (see Trumpledore Street & Cemetery, Bialik Street, Nachalat Benyamin, Nave Tsedek)
  • Visit the Ayallon Institute, the pre-state underground bullet manufacturing facility
  • Enjoy the rest of the day on the beach
  • Overnight and Dinner: Dan Panorma Hotel,Tel Aviv
Day 3
  • Independence Hall
  • Experience hands-on an archaeological excavation at Beit Guvrin. Those who do not want to dig can have a walking tour of the site.
  • Return to Hotel to freshen up
  • Optional visit the Israel Diamond Center in Ramat Gan
  • Visit the Mosaics House in Jaffa
  • Dinner out in Tel Aviv in Jaffa Port
  • Overnight and Dinner: Dan Panorama, Tel Aviv
Day 4
  • Rabin Square
  • Yitzhak Rabin Center
  • Palmach Museum
  • Nahalat Benyamin
  • Old Jaffa Port
  • Overnight and Dinner: Dan Panorma, Tel Aviv
Day 5
  • Akko (Knights’ Halls, Templar Tunnel, Ancient Port)
  • Tsfat, city of Kaballah (tour of Old City and shopping time in the galleries)
  • In Tesfat we will walk through the alleys of the old city, stopping at the synagogue of the Ari Hakadosh, Rabbi Isaac Luria, mystic and student of the Kabbalah.
  • Drive to Amuka to visit the grave of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel.
    Mt. Meron is the site of the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the Rashbi, a great sage of the second century who is credited with writing the first book on the Kabala and Zohar. Supposedly written during the 13 years he and his son hid from the Romans after the destruction on Lag Baomer, a day of celebration as it was the day that the plague which killed Rabbi Akiva’s students ended. His burial site has become an annual mass pilgrimage site.
  • Enjoy a full-buffet dinner at the hotel
Day 6
  • Visit Tiberius on the shores of the Kinnerth, the Sea of Galilee was built by Herod Antipas early in the first century. It has many archaeological remains from the Mishnah and Talmud period. We will visit the grave of Rabbi Baal Hanes, a pupil of Rabbi Akiva who is buried not far away. Also visit the tomb of Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon or Moses Maimonides, the Rambam. A world renewed sage scholar, philosopher and doctor, author of the 14 volume “Mishne Torah” .
  • Visit a military base in the Golan Heights (security permitting)
  • Visit the Golan Winery
  • Enjoy lunch at a Druze village
  • Have fun rafting on the source of the Jordan River from Kibbutz HaGoshrim
  • Enjoy a full-buffet dinner at the hotel
  • Overnight: Ramot Nofesh (Nature Cabins)
Day 7
  • Visit the ancient city of Beth Shean (Roman Theatre, Hippodrome, Bathhouse)
  • Swim in the Sachne Spring or in the hot springs of Hamat Gader
  • Drive into the Judean Desert to the site of Qumran, where we’ll have lunch and see where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered
  • Have fun on a camel ride, a pita-bread making contest and eating dinner, biblical style, at Abraham’s tent.
  • Overnight: Jerusalem, Mt. Zion Hotel
Day 8
  • Visit Mt. Herzl & Experience the life of Theodore Herzl through a Multimedia Experience.
  • Visit the Israel Museum
  • Visit  Yad vaShem Holocaust Memorial
  • Drive by the Knesset Israel’s Parliament and the Supreme Court
  • Visit Machane Yehuda Market and Ben Yehuda Street.
  • Overnight and Dinner : Jerusalem Mt. Zion Hotel
Day 9
  • Free – Day on your own.
  • Overnight and Dinner: Jerusalem, Mt. Zion Hotel
Day 10
  • Visit the Southern Wall Excavations & the Davidson Center and see a 3D Virtual Model of the former Temple
  • Visit the Kotel/Wailing Wall
  • Journey through the Western Wall Tunnels
  • Enjoy lunch and some shopping time on your own in the Jewish Quarter.
  • Experience the City of David (3D Movie, Warren’s Shaft, Hezekiah’s Tunnel)
  • Depart for the Dead Sea
  • Check in at Daniel hotel
  • Enjoy a full-buffet dinner at the hotel
  • Overnight: Daniel, Dead Sea (Classic Rooms)
Day 11
  • Masada (Cable car up and down)
  • Experience the desert of Ein Gedi and enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural spring water OR have the option to visit Kibbutz Ein Gedi’s botanical garden.
  • Afternoon leisure at the hotel spa and beach
  • Enjoy a full-buffet dinner at the hotel
  • Overnight: Daniel, Dead Sea (Classic Rooms)
Day 12
  • Travel down the Arava Valley
  • Ein Yahel, a Reform Kibbutz
  • Arrival Eilat
  • Overnight and Dinner: Hilton Queen of Sheba (Deluxe Rooms)
Day 13
  • Option #1 (Add-On): Wake up early to cross the Aravah Border Crossing and make your way to the Nabataean city of Petra and back. Lunch at Basin Restaurant in Petra. (MUST BRING PASSPORTS, SUNSCREEN & HATS. Recommended: Change of Clothes. Lunch on your own.)
  • Option #2: Enjoy a 2nd free day on your own in Eilat
  • Enjoy dinner out on your own
  • Overnight: Hilton Queen of Sheba (Deluxe Rooms)
Day 14
  • In the late afternoon/early eve, FLY from Eilat to Sde Dov or Ben Gurion
  • Tel Aviv port for final Farewell Dinner or Lunch
  • Evening transfer to airport