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  • Day Tours – Israel Day Tours

    Genesis Boutique Travel- Read more about Israel traveling

Top Tours Israel

  •  Student Tour for Christians

    Student Tour for Christians

  •  One Day Tour to Petra

    One Day Tour to Petra

  •  Old City Half Day Walking Tours

    Old City Half Day Walking Tours

  •  Christian Oriented Private Tour

    Christian Oriented Private Tour

  •  New Jerusalem Day Tour

    New Jerusalem Day Tour

  •  Golan Heights and Sefad

    Golan Heights and Sefad

  •  A Pastors Fam Tour

    A Pastors Fam Tour

  •  Israel-Jordan-Egypt Tour 10 days

    Israel-Jordan-Egypt Tour 10 days


Guided Tours to Israel

Experience the rich and varied history of ancient Israel and the charm, excitement, beauty and magic of the young and thriving state, with Genesis Boutique Travel. Our guided tours will take you on the most amazing touring experience Israel has to offer. With us, you can choose to take a one day tour, or a whole tour package, a private tour, for you and your family, or a group tour, and you can also tell us about your needs and we will customize the perfect trip, especially for you. With the best licensed guides in Israel – specializing in archaeology, geography, history, religion and more, we will make sure your visit in Israel will be a fascinating experience that you will never forget!

Our Specialty

At Genesis Boutique Travel we specialize in organizing tailor made tour packages for individuals and groups, who wish to travel in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Our tours range from fun and educational family tours, through religious and heritage tours, to luxurious and exclusive VIP Tours. We can also incorporate unique and fascinating activities into your tours, including: culinary activities, adventure tours, cultural exhibitions and nature tours. Read more about our company >>>

Take an Amazing trip to the Holy Land

On our Holy Land tours you will discover some of the Holy Land’s greatest cultural and religious sites and explore the most sacred places for the 3 major western religions: Jewish, Christian and the Islam. You will be taken on a journey through the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem, visit the childhood city of Jesus in Nazareth, climb to the summit of Mount Carmel, and let the bible come alive…

Holy Land Tours for Christians

Genesis Boutique Travel specializes in offering a wide range of holy land tours for Christians, ranging from classical Christian tours to pilgrim tours, pastor familiarization tours, biblical archaeology tours, and more. Serving as the birthplace of Christianity, the holy land is abundant with numerous Christian sacred places, ancient and historical sites you would not want to miss on your trip. Going on our holy land tours is one of the best ways to discover, explore and enjoy these sacred places. Read more about our Christian tours to Israel >>>

Holy Land Tours for Jewish Groups and Individuals

Genesis Boutique Travel also specializes in offering a wide range of guided tours, for Jewish groups, families and individuals, who wish to visit the Promised Land. Our Jewish oriented tours in Israel, include: Jewish heritage tours, bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah tours, religious tours, and much more. Read more about our Jewish Trips to Israel >>>

Contact Genesis Boutique Travel today and make your dream trip come true >>>