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Culinary tours

Come join us on our culinary experience in the Holy Land.

8Culinary tours Israel are a great choice for a culinary vacation with Genesis Boutique Travel. Our unique culinary tour guides will take you on a taste adventure in Israel that is parallel to none. Together we will explore and learn closely in small groups the authentic scene of Israeli lifestyle, culture and history.  Explore the many different cuisines this country offers. From Mediterranean cuisine, to Italian, French, Arab and American cuisines, Israel is home to a melting pot of restaurants, tastes, smells and patisseries.



6Discover traditional Israeli culinary culture and dishes along our culinary tours Israel  such as Humus and Falafel. Get to taste the intrepid new fusion restaurants of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with flavours of French, Asian, American, and South American cuisines. Smell and taste the organic produce of Israel and the quality of local Israeli cheeses, wines and olive oils. Visit the main Israeli food markets such as Machne Yehuda market in Jerusalem or Carmel market in Tel Aviv. Discover the wide variety of authentic ethnic foods all in one place. We also offer food tasting tours in the local markets.

If you are a food enthusiast, you will be amazed at the variety of gastronomic experiences Israel has to offer. Get to taste, smell, cook and enjoy food by going on our culinary tours Israel.

Israel offers a huge selection of cuisines. In The following link you will get a huge selection of Israeli recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. You have the option to translate each recipe by using translation box in the right menu – www.10dakot.co.il

We offer food tastings at the different markets of Israel such as:


Mahne Yehuda market in Jerusalem
Carmel market in Tel Aviv
Flea market in Tel Aviv
Nazareth market


We also recommend/book top restaurants in Israel to all of our clients.

Contact Genesis Boutique Travel Senior Tour Advisors to recommend and book the best restaurants in Israel for you.