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Israel family tours

Are you planning a trip to Israel for your family?
Contact Genesis Boutique Travel Senior Tour Advisor and he/she will assist with organizing the whole tour for your 17family. Our staff will book the hotels, transfers, top tour guide specializing in family tours, sites that need a booking etc. Our family tours offers fun and educational activities for your family such as rafting in the Jordan river, jeep tours, atv’s, rappelling, omegas, shooting range, bicycles, horseback riding, diving with Dolphins and many more.

Have a look at one of our best family tour

Israel Family Tour

Let us know the ages of your children and your special requests and we Genesis Boutique Travel at will create a once in a life time Israel tour for your family. We also have the right Israel private tour guides for all of our family tours.
Many additional family tours are available contact us to learn about tour dates and reserve your place.

Book your Israel family tour

Examples for Israel Family Tours Combination/Activities:

kids2We at Genesis Boutique Travel know that if the children are happy the whole family is happy. Thus we plan special Israel family tours programs geared for different ages of children and combinations of ages in the family. The basic idea of family tours is to combine fun with education during the tour so the children always will look for what is done the next touring day. In fact we do not regard our family tours as touring only but as well as an experience. Our family tours can offer your family all together to participate in archaeological dig looking for pieces of pottery dating up to 4000 years ago.

On the next day see the same kind of pieces in the museum next to other discoveries from the same location. This way the entire family, with the right guiding can learn through experience about the heritage, the culture, the demography, the religion and the everyday life existed thousands years ago. Also possible to arrange in our special Israel family tours to participate in a dig next to the Western Wall where archaeologists filter the remains dug in the area of the extension of the Western Wall and the Southern Wall.

The above is only one example of how we combine pleasure and education on our family tours itinerary. We can do 11259802_843739479039183_3009577885747253695_nthe same way regarding the everyday life of the population who lived in the area of Israel during the biblical period by going to special sites where the family can cook a meal from what exists and grows in the area or design and make pottery similar to the jars and oil lamps used by ancient Jews.
Other activities that can be added to Family Tours itineraries are:

– Visit the beaches of Israel

– Sailing on the Mediterranean viewing Israel from the sea

– Viewing Israel from high above in a helicopter or small craft

– Hot air balloon

– Jeep Tours

– Hikes

– Climb Masada

– Camel riding

– Horseback riding

– Outdoor overnights

– Bird Watching