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Nazareth Tours

Nazareth is a great tourist attraction. Genesis Boutique Travel gives you the ability to design your own Nazareth tour throughout the city and experience it to the fullest with our private and group tours. Nazareth is the largest city in the Northern part of Israel and is home to Arabs and Christians alike. The city itself is filled with magical architecture which includes the religions which populate it. Churches and Mosques from various times are scattered throughout the city and serve as a pilgrimage center for many during Christian and Muslim holidays.

Available Nazareth Tour ideas

pr_635500071606054688-3Our clients have the option to go on a private Nazareth tour or as part of a group. Recommended Nazareth tours are usually day tours which give you the option to visit Nazareth and get to see its surroundings as well.

Tell us which type of tour you are interested:

Tours are available from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (Contact us to learn about additional tour pick up locations)

Here are some Nazareth tour ideas for you to consider:

Church tour of Nazareth – Get to go and visit some of the famous Churches in Nazareth such as the Basilica of the Annunciation, St. Gabriel’s Church, Mensa Christi Church and more. Follow in the footsteps of some of the well-known stories about Jesus Christ and get to marvel at the beautiful architecture and spiritual essence of these holy Christian sites.

Religious tour of Nazareth

Visit Nazareth and experience all of its religions in one day tour. Take in the beauty of the many religious Churches and Mosques in Nazareth and learn about their history, origins and architecture.

Here is a list of suggested religious sites to visit in Nazareth:

Religious Attractions:

Centre International Marie de Nazareth

Basilica of the Annunciation

Church of the Transfiguration

Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation

St. Gabriel’s Church

St. Joseph Church

White Mosque


Mensa Christi Church


Mary’s Well

Chapel of Fright

Salesian Church of Jesus the Adolescent

Nazareth Village tour and Holy Caves of Nazareth

Here’s an idea for a tour of Nazareth that is all about excitement. Visiting the Nazareth Village and the Caves of Nazareth is always a good idea if you are travelling with a group or with the family. The caves offer a beautiful experience to everyone and the Village is a great place to visit and take in the local atmosphere.

Here are more ideas of places to tour while in Nazareth:


Nazareth Village

Holy Caves of Nazareth

The Ancient Bath House in Nazareth

El Rais


La Luna Spa Nazareth

Markets and Food Stores:

Old Market


Things to see Near Nazareth:

Mount Tabor

Mount Precipice


Contact our travel agents today to set up your unforgettable Nazareth tour.