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Israel Tours

Israel Tours

Israel is the foundation of the three western religions and the cradle of civilization. Therefore, our Israel Tours encompass all religions and our guides are extremely knowledgeable and specialize in the three western religions that began in the country beginning with Abraham and the Jews, Jesus and Christianity and ending with Mohammed and Islam. Our Israel tour guide can even quote sentences from the bible  (new and old testament) as well as the Koran without opening the book!

Our tour guides understand the importance of every visit to the Holy Land and are sensitive to the religious needs of each and every client. That is why we offer Christian tours and Jewish tours which are especially tailored around our customers religion.

Visit Israel in Style

Visit Israel

Israel offers a wide range of exquisite beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea (the saltiest and lowest lake on earth) and the Red Sea (corruption of the Red Sea) as well as high mountains in the Galilee and Golan and the wilderness of Judea and the Negev. Most of our clients wish to combine touring the country with visiting the Holy sites. Our tour guide will always work according to the requests of their clients and ensure the perfect combination of holy sites, nature sights and adventure.

ISRAEL!  The mere mention of the name conjures up biblical sagas, holy cities, prophets, site of ancient and modern wars, and......a fun and educational tour for you and your family!

At Genesis Boutique Travel our tour guide will take you along to visit a modern-day Israel enabling you to experience the rich and varied history of ancient Israel, the charm, excitement and magic of the young and thriving state. Join our Holy Land tours and experience Jewish, Christian and Islamic heritage to the fullest.

Where else in the world are you going to see a 1500 year old synagogue, a 2000 year old-Roman city with Jewish roots, feed kangaroos, sail on the Sea of Galilee , and have lunch at a Kosher McDonalds - all in one day?

Your Tour Guide in Israel can choose to descend to the lowest place in the world, hike the oasis of Ein Gedi, climb (or use the cable car) to King Herod's mountain-top fortress Masada, and  read a newspaper as you float in the Dead Sea...

Genesis Boutique Travel offers Israel group tours and Israel private tours to suite our client's needs. We can offer family tours, Jeep tours, ATV trips, rappelling, chocolate factories, rifle ranges, archaeological digs, para-sailing, nature hikes, and many more fun and excitement all at your fingertips in Israel!

:Your Israel Tour Guide can

 - Walk in the footsteps of the Patriarchs

 - See how the dreams of a nation have materialized

 - Witness the experience

 - The return to and rebirth of the Jewish State

Visit Israel with us and let the Genesis Boutique Travel tour guides enable you to plan and maximize your touring time.

Our guides will take you on a journey of 5,000 years of Israel history:

Israel Tour GuideThe land of Israel is the fantasy for the historians and the archaeologists of this world. We have found archaeological remnants dating back to 3000 B.C. which our guide can show you. Our guide will go through the history since 3000 B.C. by showing you remnants from Abraham’s period, Kind David, King Solomon, The Maccabees, Jesus and King Herod.

Our Tour Guide can show you stones that fell from Mt. Moriah at the time of the destruction of the temple and houses of the high priests which went up in flames during the big revolt (ended at the year 73 AD at Masada).

Along the seashore our tour guide will also show you the city of Caesarea which was built by King Herod. In Jerusalem the City of David or climb to King Herod's mountain – top fortress Masada.

All this is to indicate that we have chosen our guides very carefully; they are knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly friendly and sensitive to the needs of our clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions as you browse through Genesis Boutique Travel website and we hope we can help you and your family/group arrange a very special visit to Israel.