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Nature Tours

Israel is rich in wildlife and natural wonders.

Israel provides a habitat for rich wildlife, including animals originating in various zoogeographical regions that surround the country. This is particularly evident among insect and bird varieties, although reptiles and mammals are also well-represented. Israel possesses a myriad of natural wonders such as Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee, the Judean and Negev deserts, Mount Carmel and the Dead Sea. Nature tours abound with itineraries that cover almost the entire country. They offer the nature lover the possibility of seeing gazelles, ibex, hyenas and wolves in Israel's more than 50 national parks and nature reserves. Due to Israel's location, climatic and geographical crossroads, Israel offers a surprising wealth of plant life. Israel boasts a total of approximately 2,380 kinds of flora, including many endemic varieties found only here. The variety of flora is much larger than many far bigger countries. About 510 species of birds have been spotted in Israel, most of them migratory species that fly through in the fall and spring. Israel is a bottleneck on many migration paths, and millions of birds pass through in the two seasons. Migrations can be observed in the Hula Reserve, the bird site at Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin in the Beit Shean valley, as well as at Kibbutz Lotan. Also we recommend bird watching center in the Arava and at the International Birding and Research Center in Eilat. Genesis Boutique Travel nature tours offer hikes both up north in the Galilee or water hikes in the Golan, Flora hikes around the country, with bird watching stops during the season, and desert hikes in the Judean desert or the lovely Negev. Scroll down to see our sample itinerary.