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Our Israel Tour Guides

Israel Tour GuidesMeet the Israel tour guides of Genesis Boutique Travel. Each of our Israel tour guide is an expert in the history, traditions and culture of Israel and the locations visited along your trip. With a dedicated tour guide of Israel at your side your whole trip to Israel takes on a new and exciting aspect of experiencing all that Israel has to offer to the fullest. All of our Israel tour guides accompany you along the entire length of your tour from start to finish. They provide our guests with remarkable insights about the locations visited and are extremely knowledgeable about each attraction visited.

Our Israel Tour Guides are great with kids

Finding it hard to keep your children interested in your Israeli tour? Then be sure to book one of our Israel tour guides which are great in getting kids involved and excited about the tours they take part in. By telling gripping and engaging stories about the history and heritage of the cities and places you visit along the tour our Israel tour guide creates the required interest to keep everyone involved in the course of the tour.

Qualifications needed from our Israel tour guides:

Israel is the cradle of the three monotheistic religions and the cradle of western civilization. Our Israel tour guides are knowledgeable about three western religions starting from Abraham and Jesus and Mohammed. Our guides are familiar with the importance of the visit to the Holy Land and are sensitive to the religious needs of the visitors to the country.

Israel Guided Tours Locations

As a boutique travel company, Genesis Boutique Travel is able to provide tourists which come to Israel with a unique experience. We are able to devise custom guided tours according to the demands of our clients and help our clients come up with an itinerary to suit their needs. The ability to plan a tailored tour in Israel accompanied by a dedicated tour guide is our unique advantage. We believe that in this way we can accommodate our clients according to their vacation’s needs and schedule.

Our Tour Guides - Genesis Boutique Travel Tour Guides

Tour Guides IsraelThe most vital component of creating an excellent tour is the tour guide. Without an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide you will for sure miss out! Genesis Boutique Travel has a team of young, dynamic and experienced guides full of love for the land of Israel. We have guides suitable for all types of groups who are all eager to show and share their passion for Israel. Our fine teams of guides are all highly educated and multi-lingual most of whom speak English as their mother tongue.

Our Genesis Boutique Travel team includes: Archaeologists, Historians, Middle Eastern specialists, Lawyers, Journalists and graduates/leaders of the prestigious Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Our Israel tour guides are also family orientated (most are married with children themselves) and therefore also understand and enjoy working with young children.

Israel Tour Guides - Our Specialty!

Our Israel Tour Guides are the most important component of the tour to Israel. Our Israel Tour guides will take you around the country in our luxurious vehicles which are fully air-conditioned and licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and Transportation. Our guides at Genesis Boutique Travel are equipped with all you need to create an exceptional and memorable trip which will never be forgotten!