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Pilgrim Tours

Going on our Pilgrim tours Israel is an eye opening experience. Our travel company specializes in creating the most spiritual Holy Land tours for Christians. Take a private tour or a group tour and travel to Israel’s most holy places along your pilgrimage with an experience tour guide at your side.

Israel has always drawn pilgrims from all over the world. People who desire to travel to the Holy Land and discover firsthand the roots and origins of their religion are visiting Israel each year.

The most spiritual and fulfilling experience and guaranteed for

you if you are a pilgrim traveling to the Holy Land. We will help you to bring the bible alive as you follow the footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land.  Come and explore a Pilgrim tour to the Holy Land and open up to a country that is rich in historic and cultural sites. We will help you experience this deep spiritual experience.  We offer pilgrim tours Israel that combine: Israel and Jordan or Egypt, Jordan and Israel or just Israel. At Genesis Boutique Travel we offer a unique pilgrimage experience because our travel agents can bring together Christian, Jewish and Muslim visitors from all over the world. Our clients have the choice to either join in on a group tour or take an individual tour along their pilgrimage.

We offer the best hotel bookings, transportation services and can help create the best vacation experience according to your budget.

Quality Pilgrim Tour Guides Makes all the Difference:

Embarking on a pilgrimage is always a spiritual pinnacle point in any believer’s life. This is why we have selected the best tour guides to accompany our pilgrims. With a vast amount of knowledge and an unyielding ability to understand and answer your needs, our guides have the experience and the ability to elevate your pilgrim trip to the heights which you deserve.

Taking a tour guide which has experience in Catholic Pilgrimage, Christian Pilgrimage, Jewish pilgrimage and Muslim pilgrimage makes all the difference.

Places to Visit on your Pilgrimage Tours:

When it comes to visiting holy places along your pilgrim tour Israel has so much to offer and our tour guides know all of the holy locations and attractions to go to.

Start your pilgrimage by visiting the Holy city of Jerusalem and the many Christian, Jewish and Muslim holy sites which are all across this magnificent city. Then continue your traveling to Tiberius, the Golan and the Negev to discover all the paths taken by religions in Israel throughout the ages.

Here are just some of the places you can visit along our pilgrim tours Israel: Basilica of the Annunciation

- Bethlehem - Caesaria - Cana - Chapel of the Ascension - Church of All Nations - Church of Dominus Flevit - Church of Holy Sepulcher - Church of Loaves and Fishes - Church of Mary Magdalene - Church of St. Anne - Church of St. Catherine - Church of the John the Baptist - Church of the Nativity - Church of the Pater Noster - Church of the Redeemer - Church of the Visitation - Dead Sea - Dormition Abbey - Elijah's Cave - Emmaus - Garden Tomb - Haifa - Hebron - Herod's Roman Theater - Jericho - Jerusalem - Jesus Boat Museum - Jordan River - Judean Desert - Mary's Well - Monastery of the Cross - Mt. of Olives - Mt. Tabor - Pool of Siloam - Room of Last Supper - Sea of Galilee including: Capernaum, Tabgha and Mt. Beatitude - Shepard's Fields - Tomb of  the Virgin - Tomb of Lazarus, Bethany - Tomb of Rachel - Tomb of the Prophets - Tombs of the Patriarchs - Via Dolorosa

Book your Holy Land Pilgrimage Today 11149316_834165493329915_5265435712125509250_nEvery year numerous travelers from around the world make a pilgrimage to Israel. That is why it is so important to book in advance and save your spot on the dates you wish to travel on. Especially if you are planning on going with a few friends from abroad to Israel, you will find that setting up your pilgrimage trip as early on as possible is the best way to ensure that all of you will be staying together at the same hotels and going together on the same tours.

If you want to arrange your own pilgrim tour to Israel please let us know and we will assist.

Call us today to book your pilgrim tour and have the spiritual and religious experience of a lifetime.

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