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Israel Travel Tips

Passport – make sure your passport is valid for a least 6 months

• Health – We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance and visiting your doctor for regular checkup before arrival.

• Baggage – Transatlantic flights allow one piece of luggage and one carry-on bag. Please check your carrier’s regulations as the weight and size of the bags.

What to Pack?
1. Loose fitting and light clothing

2. Comfortable walking shoes

3. In fall and spring sweater for the evenings or light coat

4. In the winter a good winter coat, hat, gloves

5. All year sunscreen, bathing suit, hat, goggles, sunglasses and extra pair of shoes

6. For women knee level skirt and scarf for holy places

7. A bottle of water

• Israel Weather – in Israel we have 4 seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer

• Electronic Appliances – electronic current in Israel is 220 volts. It is wise to travel with adaptor and/or convertors.

• Israel Currency – The currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). One may bring an unlimited amount of local and foreign currency into Israel in cash, traveler’s checks, letters of credit and State of Israel Bonds. Foreign currency may be exchanged at any bank and at many hotels.

Bank operating hours: Sunday – Thursday from 8:30 am -12:30 am and from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

• Time Difference – Israeli Standard Time is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, USA.

• Telephone Usage – Dialing Israel from the US: Dial 011-972 and then the number in Israel omitting the initial zero of the area code.

• Internet access – most hotels have internet access and Wi-Fi in rooms and lobby.

• Airport Security – Security check are carried out routinely for your protection and safety. Expect to be asked about the contents of your luggage. Please do not accept any mail, packages or unknown items from anyone.

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